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Decaf Brazil MC | Boxes

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The MC (Methylene Chloride) decaffeination process is a method used to remove caffeine from coffee beans while preserving much of their original flavor.

The process begins with the selection of high-quality green coffee beans. These beans should be free from defects and suitable for decaffeination.

The selected green coffee beans are steamed briefly to make them more porous and prepare them for the decaffeination process. This step also helps to open the beans' structure, making it easier for the caffeine to be extracted.

Methylene Chloride (also known as dichloromethane) is a solvent that has the ability to selectively bond with caffeine molecules. The steamed beans are then soaked in a bath of methylene chloride. The solvent's properties allow it to penetrate the beans and extract the caffeine without significantly affecting the flavor compounds and oils present in the beans.

After the beans have been soaked in the methylene chloride solution, the solution is separated from the beans. The caffeine-containing methylene chloride solution is then filtered to remove the caffeine molecules.

To ensure that the flavor profile of the coffee is not compromised, the extracted beans are then rinsed with water or steam. This step helps to remove any residual solvent and restore the natural flavors that may have been affected during the decaffeination process.

Throughout the entire process, quality control measures are taken to ensure that the decaffeinated coffee meets the desired flavor, aroma, and quality standards. Once the beans have been decaffeinated, dried, and roasted, they are packaged and prepared for distribution.

It's worth noting that the MC decaffeination process has been approved by various regulatory bodies, including the FDA, when used within the established guidelines. However, some people may have concerns about the use of methylene chloride as a solvent. As an alternative, there are other decaffeination methods available, such as the Swiss Water Process and the CO2 method, which use different solvents or processes to achieve decaffeination while preserving flavor compounds.

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100% Arabica Coffee.

Green coffee beans, raw coffee, unroasted coffee.

Green coffee is a raw agricultural product requiring further processing prior to consumption. Foreign materials may be present such as stones.