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Costa Rica West Valley Tarrazu | Boxes

$74.50 USD

REGION: West Valley / Tarrazu Valley

ALTITUDE: 1,300 – 1,800 m

VARIETIES: Catuai, Caturra

PROCESSING: Washed and patio dried


CUP: Bright acidity, medium body

FLAVOR: Dry fruits, vanilla, chocolate, citrus

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Costa Rica Coffee

Coffee has played a vital role in the economy and history of Costa Rica. Coffee production began in 1779 and makes up a large part of the agricultural exports of the country. The country is home to many micro producers as 9 out of 10 produce/cultivate less than 12 acres. These smaller producers are starting to get more attention around the world as the unique beans grow in popularity. Costa Rica is the only country in the world where the cultivation of non 100% Arabica beans is illegal, nodding to how serious they take coffee.

Costa Rica SHB Tarrazu

The best coffees from Costa Rica come from the West Valley and Tarrazu regions, a highland region with unique climate for coffee cultivation. Many coffee aficionados consider the West Valley a well-kept secret in the coffee world, while origins from Panama or Hawaii can take the spotlight. This is partly due to marketing but the Tarrazu and West Valley region is growing in popularity from word of mouth and accessibility in price.

The Western Valley is in western Costa Rica and lies about 45 miles south of the Capitol City, San Jose. It is produced by Finca La Pastora and has a q grade cupping score of 84. This coffee is grown at higher elevations and the cool climate and volcanic soil make this coffee a world class choice. While having an intense aroma, it has a great delivery, sweet acidity, a well-balanced fruity flavor, with a clean, smooth body. Those with good pallets can taste hints of vanilla, cherries, chocolate, and orange/grapefruit.


100% Arabica Coffee.

Green coffee beans, raw coffee, unroasted coffee.

Green coffee is a raw agricultural product requiring further processing prior to consumption. Foreign materials may be present such as stones.