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100% KONA HEALTHY HAPA (10LB.) [21.00/Lb.]

$210.00 USD
-Pre Treated 
-Pre Washed
-Pre Cooked

-Kona Healthy Hapa is a coffee developed for people who have NO Tolerance for Pesticides  & Chemicals.  

-Lower acidity - For those more sensitive, Against Acid Reflux 

-Grown in Kona District - Big Island of Hawaii

-Altitude: 1,760 to 2675 ft.

-Best Mix of: H3 + Estate + Prime only screen 14

-Screen Size: 14 to 16 and some 17 Peaberry

-Var: Kona Typica, Arabica, SL34 - 60 % Kona Typica & 40% Arabica

-Bag Size: 10 pound bag (lb) GrainPro then other.