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Identification and Recall Procedures


Green Coffee is a raw commodity, and we take care to provide customers with clear product identification methods. This assists them to quickly find any product they purchased that may be affected by a recall.

Full Bags

Full bags of coffee can be identified by using information found on the warehouse delivery order "D.O.". This document is provided to a customer after purchasing coffee.

Unique numbers on these documents to note are:

ICO Marks

Coffee bags have marks on them that identify the country of origin, exporter or port of origin and sometimes a lot number.


This purchase reference code identifies a specific purchase from the importer.


The cargo number is used by US warehouses to identify the location of a coffee in the facility.


When coffee is converted into boxes from full bags the identifying information is noted in packaging order documents. 

Some of this information is transferred to labels in box products. Notably the coffee export marks are included on the interior and exterior labels.

Unique to boxes is our LOT number. This is also included on interior and exterior labels. This lot number maps to the date the coffee was packaged using a numerical version of that date as generated in a spreadsheet.

We recommend roasters use these two numbers in their records when manufacturing their products. This will help to identify any inventory that was used in roasting.


Should Wholesale Origin recall any product customers will be contacted and informed via our website immediately. Notices of recall will specify Country of Origin, ICO Marks, PUR#, and Cargo Number. Box recalls will include the LOT number.