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Coffee Categories

Export Grade

Coffee grading methods vary around the world, however most exporting origins have standards on the quality of coffee that is allowed to be sold to the international market.

Quality control measures are taken by importers to ensure coffees comply with the assigned grades and tolerance for defects. The export grade coffees we offer are carefully selected and cupped throughout the import process.

Export Certified

Several certifying agencies exist and help add transparency to the coffee supply chain. Certifications also improve consumer choice in the buying process.

Some of the coffees we offer in boxes are exported from origin countries with certifications. These coffees are identifiable by a green bar in the product image and the certifications are specified in the coffee product description. This indicates that the coffee inside the box was sourced from a full bag that carried the specified certifications.

Boxed options are not intended to be sold as fully certified. If you are a certified roaster, contact us regarding certified full-bag offerings.

On the physical boxed products, certifications are noted on information tags as "TYPE"

[O] - Organic, [FT] - Fair Trade, [RFA] - Rain Forest Alliance, and [SMBC] - Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center

Many certifying agencies require that all parts of the supply chain be certified, including the roaster, for the final product to be sold to the public with a certified logo on the packaging.

Certifications can sometimes be specified on ingredient lists depending on their overall percentage of the final product composition.

Consult agency websites to ensure products are labeled properly.


We offer a variety of decaffeinated options. These include coffees that were decaffeinated using the most common methods such as SWP, MWP, MC and EA. Links are below if you would like to learn more about each method:

SWP - Swiss Water Process

MWP - Mountain Water Process

MC - Methylene Chloride

The above chemical is used as a solvent to remove caffeine.

EA - Ethyl Acetate

The above chemical is used as a solvent to remove caffeine.


All of the coffee we offer is Arabica unless otherwise specified. Robusta products are labeled as such.


Our selection of blends provide a variety of flavor profiles and can be used in a wide range of applications.

Standard blends are shipped as their component coffees separately for customers to mix. The espresso blend is shipped as a pre-measured mix of three coffees.