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10 - 120 Pounds
Oakland, CA
The Annex Warehouse

Houston, TX

Dupuy Storage
Carteret, NJ
Continental Terminals
Auburn, WA
The Green Room

Brazil SSFC Screen 17/18

$63.50 USD
  • -----------------------------
  • 10 Pounds [$6.35/Lb.]
  • 20 Pounds [$5.30/Lb.]
  • 40 Pounds [$4.60/Lb.]
  • 80 Pounds [$4.50/Lb.]
  • 120 Pounds [$4.40/Lb.]
Boxes ship free in the Continental U.S.
Mild Acidity | Medium to Full Body

Notes of roasted peanuts and milk chocolate.

Brazil coffee is great for blending to add body and bold flavor.
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Bold Blend