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Zimbabwe Selinda AA Plus

$74.50 USD

REGION: Mount Selinda


VARIETIES: Catimor, SL and Costa Rica

PROCESSING: Washed and sun dried

Q-GRADE: 84 Points

CUP: Winey acidity, rich body

FLAVOR: Nutty, herbal and sweet

FREE SHIPPING: Ships within 3 business days

Coffee in Zimbabwe

The production of coffee in Zimbabwe is one filled with highs and lows. The country has a long history of coffee cultivation, but production peaked close to 40 years ago due to a series of economic hardships, political upheaval and climate shocks that have stifled the industry. The country lost over 90% of its production in the late 2000s from the peak and only recently has begun to undergo a coffee renaissance. Most of the coffee produced in the country now comes from smallholders, who have weathered the politics and economic and climate shocks to create a unique and outstanding origin. One such of the farms being the Jersey Estate from the Mount Selinda Region.

Zimbabwe Selinda AA Plus

The Jersey Estate can be found on the eastern border of Zimbabwe near the village of Mount Selinda which sits near one of the southernmost rainforests in Africa, the Chirinda Forest. The estate is over 80 years old and focuses on the cultivation of Catimor, Costa Rica and SL arabica varieties. The cherries are wet processed after harvest and sun dried in cascade troughs. The farm is fed by several local streams and rivers and is bolstered by annual precipitation near 45 inches. When roasted, the coffee has a rich body, winey acidity and features nutty, herbal, and sweet flavors.

The estate focuses on sustainable practices to protect its soil and to combat blight. These measures include the planting of other crops interspersed with coffee: Macadamia trees, eucalyptus timber, and tea and much of the estate is covered by natural forest and endemic species which creates polycultures that keep the soil rich and invasive pests down.

The estate boasts extensive facilities which support activities and needs for employees and the community. This includes a medical clinic, sports facilities, and primary and secondary schools who enroll close to 1500 students from the nearby communities.