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High Volume: Brazil boxes temporarily unavailable. New inventory soon! Full bags are still available.
High Volume: Brazil boxes temporarily unavailable. New inventory soon! Full bags are still available.

Huila Pink Bourbon Honey Processed - Finca Esmeralda San Adolfo

$10.35 USD



Don Edilsson Mammian , is a coffee producer from Huila with a farm in the village of LA ESMERALDA near the town San Adolfo. He specializes in cultivating Pink Bourbon, which is a highly prized variety of arabica coffee. After it is harvested, this coffee is washed and fermented for 36 hours together with the fruit and pulp. It is then sun dried in parabolic coffee beds.

Pink Bourbon that is cultivated and milled alone is a rare find. This varietal is a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon, and stands out in many ways. The striking pink color of its ripe coffee cherries to the sweet, complex cup profile it offers it is truly unique. Even in ideal growing conditions, Pink Bourbon is challenging to cultivate. In addition to meticulous plant maintenance, farmers must isolate their crops to encourage successful cross-pollination and the ongoing production of pink fruit

In 2008, this variety began to be planted in Colombia, due to the low international prices. In recent years harvests have increased, especially in the Huila province where it was first cultivated in Colombia. The ideal tropical climate of the region helped the plant to develop very well, and nowadays Colombian farmers have better control of diseases such as coffee rust, to which the plant is susceptible.  Pink Bourbon has gained recognition in cupping championships around the world, and the excellent cup profile it produces is a clear product of the meticulous care taken in its cultivation and preparation.

We are excited to bring this great example of a Colombian Pink Bourbon for purchase via Direct from Origin.


Variety: Hybrid Red , Yellow and Pink Bourbon

Farm: La Esmeralda

Producer: Edilson Mamian Motta

Área: 6 hectares.

Towns: San Adolfo Huila

Altitude: 1.450 m.a.s.l

Process: Honey / Semi-Washed / Sun Dried 20 days

Double Fermentation: 36 hours in cherries and 36 hours after hulled

Profile: Floral, complex and aromatic cup with notes of sweet caramel , cocoa , lemongrass , orange rind with an herbal character. 

87 points SCAA