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High Volume: Brazil boxes temporarily unavailable. New inventory soon! Full bags are still available.
High Volume: Brazil boxes temporarily unavailable. New inventory soon! Full bags are still available.

Huila Geisha

$14.50 USD



Panamanian Geisha is a coffee variety that was originally collected from Coffee forests in Ethiopia in the 1930s. From there , it was sent to the Lyamungu Research Station in Tanzania and then taken to the tropical agricultural research and training center ( CATIE ) in Central America in 1953. It was distributed throughout Panama CATIE in the 1960s , after being recognized for its tolerance to Coffee rust. However, the branches of the plant were fragile and were not favored by farmers , so they were not planted.

The Coffee came to fame in 2005 when the Peterson family, that owns Hacienda La Esmaralda in the Boquete region of Panama, sold Geisha at auction and won The best of Panama Award. This is coffee received exceptionally high cup scores and broke the sale price record for the Green Coffee auction, selling for more than $20.00 USD per pound.

In 2010, the variety began to be planted in Colombia, due to low international prices for domestic varieties. The exceptional quality and cup character was something that intrigued Colombian growers. Today the variety has been sown in almost all of Colombia, in small quantities.

The Huila province was the first region where this variety was planted in Colombia. Excellent climate and soil conditions helped the variety to develop well and become rival the flavor profile of geishas grown in other regions. 

The coffee is processed by 90 hours of fermentation in water followed by patio drying in the sun. Geisha has a profile that is unique and it will please even the most sophisticated palates. 


Variety: Geisha

Source: Timana, Huila

Producer: Ignacio Calderon

Area: 8 hectares.

Towns: San Adolfo Huila

Altitude: 1.450 m.a.s.l

Process: Washed / Sun Dried

Fermentation: 90 hours in water

Profile: Floral, complex and aromatic cup. Notes of chocolate, citrus, and lemongrass. Sweet acidity and medium body with a lingering aftertaste. 

87 points SCAA